About BlockHead Gaming

So you wanna know About BlockHead Gaming? Well, we update almost every day with Let’s Play videos and other gaming videos. We hope you enjoy your stay. BlockHead Gaming is a New York based Let’s Play channel starring the creative genius and technical know-how of Abe Hunter and Elea Tsentzelis. The channel also includes a number of different hosts and commentators starring in their own spin-offs. Come sit on the couch with us as we play both retro and the latest video games and be sure to subscribe and follow us on the Social Media for the most up to date video and content updates. Below you’ll see a list of our current BlockHeads.

Abe Hunter


The Blue Guy. Abe Hunter is a graphic artist, web designer, writer and overall fan of the gaming industry, you can find Abe with his Nintendo Switch within reach 24/7. Abe is one of the Co-Creators of BlockHead Gaming and a very COOL DUDE who totally didn’t write his own bio.

Elea Tsentzelis

Chief Technology Officer

The Red Guy. Elea Tsentzelis is an accomplished Audio Engineer, Cinematographer, writer and producer. His love for video games is shown through his ever-growing collection of retro games, Figures, t-shirts and whatever else eBay has to offer. Elea is one of the Co-Creators of BlockHead Gaming. He’s not as cool, but still pretty cool.

Derek Carl

Field Reporter / Cameraman

Derek Carl is an accomplished director, producer, and Cinematographer based out of New York, NY. His strong visual style can be seen in all of his work, including Bad Seed, Slumber Party, Snuff, Y2K 2000, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, and his field work with BlockHead Gaming.