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We got our hands on the NES Classic Edition

We got our hands on the NES Classic Edition

by Abe HunterNovember 21, 2016

We got our hands on the NES Classic Edition

The almost-impossible-to-get new video game collection from Nintendo. It’s packed with 30 nostalgic titles that will make you feel like a kid in the 80’s again.

Just looking at the box, you can clearly see two major things: The games and the size. The NES Classic holds 30 of Nintendo’s top NES titles, like Mario, Zelda, PAC-Man, and even Contra. It even has some lesser-known games, like Super C and Star Tropics.

The Console itself is a lot smaller than you would expect. At a mere 1.5 pounds, its more than a third of the size of the original console. This is perfect for throwing it in your backpack, taking it to your friends house, and enjoying some much-needed pixelated goodness.

Inside the box, you get the essentials: The NES Classic, an NES controller with the same input as something like the Wii Classic Controller, an HDMI cable, and a Micro-USB cable. You also get a poster, much like a flashback into 1987, that shows the original Nintendo peripherals and games. Even R.O.B. is there!

One thing to mention, more of a gripe, is the length of the NES Classic controller. The cable is significantly shorter than the original one, and makes you wonder if this is more for someone to hook up to their computer monitor and have it at their desk. There are third party cable extensions, but you would have to go out of your way to find ones that will ship within the next month due to the scarcity of the NES Classic itself.

The main title screen is a nostalgia-trip, making the player go way back to the late 80’s and just feel that instant emotion of wonder and awe, then itching to play more. The games look great at HD, but you have options to make the game look and feel like it’s being viewed on an old CRT TV. Playing something like the original Legend of Zelda at full HD is something not too many people thought was even possible, but now anyone could enjoy the 8-bit wonder on even a 4K TV.

Overall, I would rate the console a 6/10. The face that the cable is so short, and that you can’t add more titles via eshop limit the console, and lost points in those categories. For what it is, though, I can’t stop playing this awesome console, and still have fun with the games everyone knew and grew up with.

Now we wait for the SNES Classic. Good Luck!


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