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Nintendo Switch Living Room Event @ Flatiron Park

Nintendo Switch Living Room Event @ Flatiron Park

by Abe HunterMarch 10, 2017

We covered the Nintendo Switch Living Room Event @ Flatiron Park, NYC

Nintendo invited us to cover the Nintendo Switch Launch, and as an added bonus, we were given the opportunity to have a private preview with the Switch at their public event on 23rd street at the Flatiron Plaza.

Nintendo brought their own “Mobile living room” and set up the switch for the public to come and try out. They also had multiple buses that would bring people to Nintendo World, so they can purchase their very own Switch consoles!

We were able to play 1 2 Switch, one of their new exclusive games, which basically shows off the power and capabilities of the Switch. Needless to say, from playing games like Quick Draw and Milk, we had a very good time trying out this amazing new console.

We cannot thank Nintendo enough for this amazing opportunity. We had a great 2 days being a part of the Switch festivities, and can’t wait for the next event!


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