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There are Seriously Fidget Spinner Games For Mobile Phones

There are Seriously Fidget Spinner Games For Mobile Phones

by Maya WeitznerJuly 27, 2017

Fidget Spinner Games for Mobile Phones (Seriously?!?!?)

As an elementary school student in the ancient, early 2000s I would have been thanking the Old Gods and the New for a toy like a fidget spinner. I am sure most adults see every child walking around with a fidget spinner between their fingers, pressing the middle circle with their thumb and fore or middle finger like they’re drinking a fancy cup of tea, and just passively flicking the other prongs with a finger belonging to the opposite hand. CNN lays out all the different controversies brought by these little plastic gadgets, including that the confusion around them is part of the appeal. Some schools have banned these toys saying they distract, while others allow them because they’re calming and were even designed to give kids with extra energy an outlet while still listening to the teacher. Being in my early 20s I am personally baffled by this fad. Fidget Spinners don’t seem to do anything for me, I have been fidgeting with anything I could get in my hands for over two decades and I’ve never been disappointed with a staple or a paper clip. I am confused by the draw of this seemingly anticlimactic toy, and I’m especially blown away that it has moved into a digital form.

In the age when “apps” were new you could get a good five minutes of entertainment out of a digital glass of beer that looked like you were drinking it when you tipped your phone. I would like to warn you that if you are at all against the wide spread of fidget spinners you should stop reading here. And now we proceed into terrifying territory: there are fidget spinner apps. Actually, there are A LOT of fidget spinner apps. There are ones that are just an image of a fidget spinner and you’re able to customize it. Then there are ones where you literally just tap on the screen and the object virtually spins. Ketchapp, a mobile gaming company known for popular apps like Stack and Jelly Jump, seems to be the most interesting offering in this genre of the app store. Their game is actually a game providing challenges and rankings, which I always need in a game (I need goals).

I decided to download the fidget spinner app that looked the least promising from a company called “Get A Charge LLC(I like to see how bad really badly ranked apps are), and they actually produced three different spinner apps. It did not disappoint. I will admit I have only held a fidget spinner once in my life, but it was only minutely more enjoyable than this app. With a mobile fidget spinner you don’t get the “calming” effects that the vibrations create when you hold a real one in your hands. You’re only using one finger to spin it and the other hand is holding your phone, like usual. How are these apps appealing to anyone?! The point of these (stupid) fidget spinners is to distract your hands and allow your mind to focus on something else, but the apps force you to look down at your screen to make sure you’re tapping in the right place. And aren’t you not allowed to use your phones in school? Maybe that’s a rule that lower education outgrew, but if a spinner is distracting I’m sure a spinner on your phone is almost hypnotizing.

So it seems fidget spinners will be obsolete as quickly as they came into demand. I’m basing this claim on the history of trends and the fact that they dont…do…anything. Luckily the apps are free if you don’t want to waste your money, but you’re still determined to waste your time. Until they’re gone though, we just have to wonder and feel old.

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