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PLAY NYC is New York’s first dedicated games convention

PLAY NYC is New York’s first dedicated games convention

by Elea TsentzelisJuly 25, 2017

PLAY NYC is New York’s first dedicated games convention for creators and players alike.

Do you know about PLAY NYC? In the world of video games, many people flock to events like E3, Comic Con, PAX, etc. for the newest and most promising AAA games anticipated for the year. There’s excitement, worry, but most of all, there are lines of fans and professionals waiting to get there hands on that game, just to play it for a few minutes.

One thing that a lot of people forget about is the little man.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a HUGE increase of Indie developers making their way onto the scene and creating masterpieces for your screen, whether it be for the computer or major consoles. Because of this, there needed to be an event where all of these developers could come together and show their work to the masses.

Enter Play NYC

Play NYC is a new convention that is all about Indie games. The founder, Dan Butchko, has been offering classes in video game development for years and now he, along with his company Playcrafting, is bringing the most innovative developers to Terminal 5 in New York City for one weekend in August, where there should be thousands of excited guests and industry professionals.

“Basically, what we are doing is putting together New York’s version of PAX meets GDC. We’re going to finally give New York the dedicated games convention it deserves.” -Dan Butchko, Playcrafting CEO

The convention will take place on all 3 floors of Terminal 5, including the roof, where event-goers will be able to try the latest and greatest games from Indie artists and developers. This is a great opportunity for developers, since they do not have the backing of major Distributors like Nintendo or EA, and this could give them the publicity they need for their game to be a success.

The first Play NYC will run August 19th and 20th, with hopes to bring in a few thousand people to check out new games, attend classes on game development, and actually get to talk to the people who create the game you’re playing right on your own screen.

Where: Terminal 5, 610 West 56th St. in Manhattan.
Run Time: 10am-6pm
Where to get tickets:

Will you be attending Play NYC? What do you think of gaming events in New York City in general? Do you think we need more major video game events on the east coast? Let us know in the comments below!

About Playcrafting

Playcrafting provides developers with the tools required to get their games off the ground. This is done through tailored educational events, dynamic networking opportunities, and classes to help crack the code to gaming success!

From design and programming to business and beyond, developers come to us in order to sharpen their skillsets and partner with companies that can help them succeed. Playcrafting grows game developer communities through over 100 industry events, 200 classes, and 50 courses across 5 major cities in the United States each year.

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