Sony Restricting Switch & Xbox Consoles From Fortnite?! | Fortnite PS4 Epic Account Lock Out

Let’s explain the PS4 Epic Account Lock Out issue. Currently, the way it stands the Ps4, while able to play with Mobile, Mac and Windows are blocked from playing with players on an Xbox or Nintendo Switch. When you link an epic account to the PSN or Playstation Network, it locks you out of using the Epic account for any other consoles. Deeming Xbox and the Switch as “restricted platforms”.

First reported by Gregg Miller it seems that if you ever linked an Epic account to the PSN your account is locked to SONY and are unable to use the same account on an Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

Unlinking a PSN account has no effect as well, the freeze will still be in place and you may actually lose all your progress and items. The only way of getting around it seems to be to create an entirely new Epic account.

Please let us know what you think, are you affected by the PS4 Epic Account Lock Out or do you side with SONY on this issue? We love to hear your opinion. 

Currently, SONY has no incentive to allow cross-play unless there is enough community outcry. So if this is a big issue for you be sure to help spread the word.

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