About Us

BlockHead Gaming is a New York-based collective of influential internet creators with an active community of people who love entertainment, tech & all things gaming. Founded in 2016 by Abe Hunter and Elea Tsentzelis, the BlockHead brand has amassed over 1.00 million engaged viewers throughout various social media platforms to provide fun and entertaining videos, live streams, and cover live events across the U.S. and around the world.

Abe Hunter

Chief Executive Officer / Founder / Host
Abe Hunter is a brand consultant, web designer, writer and overall fan of the gaming industry, you can find Abe with his Nintendo Switch within reach 24/7. Abe is one of the Co-Founders and CEO of BlockHead Gaming.

Elea Tsentzelis

Chief Operations Officer / Founder / Host 

Elea Tsentzelis is an accomplished Audio Engineer, Cinematographer, writer and producer. His love for video games is shown through his ever-growing collection of retro games, Figures, t-shirts and whatever else eBay has to offer. Elea is one of the Co-Founders of BlockHead Gaming.

Andrew Brady

Administrative Director / Host

Andrew Brady is an accomplished actor, voice actor and editor. Brady is one of the Co-Hosts of BlockHead Gaming and manages the personal and day-to-day operations.

Derek Carl

 Cameraman \ Dungeon Master 

Derek Carl is an accomplished camera man, producer and director. Derek is the head cameraman for Blockhead Gaming events and shows, managing both on-site visual and audio work. Additionally, Derek is in charge of all Table Top and traditional role playing productions.